Barbera Ammahlia Scheafer Berdner, Just Jan, Jan Jorgensen, New Years

Bringing on 2017

Unveil your true home.

This year of 2017 holds the spiritual energies of a 10-1 in spiritual numerology. 10-1 is very powerful and very spiritual. In the 10, we are being called to balance our masculine and feminine energies, to become unified. Healing and clearing our limiting programs is brought forth with the 1. We are being asked to step into our power. Where are you hiding yours?

“Barbera holds the signature of a very powerful messenger bringing new vibrations to assist people to keep their new year's resolutions and more.” ~ Jan Sara Jorgensen

Barbera shows you what your unconscious has been trying to reveal to you, your true home.

Join Barbera and Jan in anchoring the energies of Unity and clearing in this recording of the radio show from Janurary 1, 2017.