Change Your Name Change Your Life

The energy of that divorce belongs in the shadows behind you

The shitty jobs you’ve been “blessed with” need to be kicked to the side of the road – with that bad marriage

You were born in energetic alignment of who you are. And his name? Really dragged you through the proverbial muck.

Step into a name that vibrates with the energy of who you’re meant to be. And abundance washes over you.

And past hurts and wrongs? Become a faded memory. Not a weight that has taken residence on your shoulders.

The beauty of you is that you were born to be something special and your name had that energy written all over it. But, when you changed it, you changed the energies that were attracted to you.

That’s where the heartache began. The problem is it didn’t stop with him. That bad “juju” has extended its feelers into other relationships in your life.

Your mother doesn’t respond to you the way she did. Or maybe your niece has decided you just might be the antichrist. Or worse…Justin Bieber’s birth mother.

The fact is, when your name is uttered, the things you want COULD be pulled into you – NATURALLY – stopped when you changed your name.

Now that you’re divorced? Your new name is in your hands.


When the boss at that cushy corporate gig you want speaks your name, let it be a name that speaks the emotions you want her to feel when she says it.

When you go out on dates, let your name be a natural magnet for the men you want to interact with.

Much in the way the Law of Attraction works with the vibration of your spirit, so does your name.

You now have control over how people feel when they hear it.

It’s time for a fresh start.

Change Your Name, Change Your Life Sessions details:

I will read your current name and situation and take into account your personal, business, family goals and up to 7 relationships to help you feel into those goals to bring forth the name that is optimized to help you reach them.

We’ll connect via video conferencing.

Session 1: Opening Session

This is where I open the energies you want to welcome into your life with your new name, while understanding your current relationships and your life.

Session 2: Name Optimization

During this session, we establish new names and the energies that will flow in with them, so we can settle on a name that will bring them.

Session 3: Name Alignment Activation and Ceremony

This is where we make it all formal and concrete (well, almost). We work to clear limiting beliefs, so you can fully accept the full brunt of who you are about to become and all the amazing things that will come flowing into your life because of it.

Investment to create a life that is utterly in line with who you were born to be so the things you want most, deep in your soul, are magnetically attracted to you: $391 per 2 hour Name Optimization session and includes pre-work, Opening Session, and Name Alignment Activation and Ceremony. Most bring forth the new aligned name in one Name Optimization session.

What else:

There is a pre-requisite Awakening Your Soul Wisdom session required, so that I can get a complete grasp on what you’ve been dealt until this point by the Universe. I read your Soul Contract to help me see where you’ve been and where you’re going.

You’ll also receive a full color chart of your Attraction Type codes, so you can see an illustration of what I read.

In between sessions, I’ll be in touch with you on the outside. In other words, on a soul-to-soul level reading and studying the attachments you have and what you want to have come into your life.

Your name isn’t just a name, it’s a magnet for the things you want (or don’t!) in your life.

And until now, you’ve been prisoner to a lot of things that have been beyond your knowing control. That’s all going to change.

Say goodbye to the things you don’t want in your life anymore.

Say hello to the new you.



Contact Barbera today to find out if “Change Your Name, Change Your Life” is what your soul is asking for.


About Barbera

If you’ve ever wanted to change your life? This is the perfect starting place.

I’m Barbera and I had to die to find out the most of the secrets of the Universe that I now live and help my clients live.


A Californian dog sledder running her first Iditarod Race (only months into her racing life) knows secrets most of humanity will never experience. I can’t tell you why I was chosen to live with (or die for) this gift, but I can tell you that there isn’t a client that crosses my “desk” that isn’t changed forever, for the better, by the work I do for and with them.

I am a name expert. In every sense of the word. Entrepreneurs come to me to get feedback on the names they have in mind for new products and services, for new business ideas, and for their new life choices. Likewise, professionals come to me for LightBody Integration to help them connect with the essence of who they are meant to be.

Not one of them has ever experienced anything less than success from working with me.

Now, I want you to have what you want most from this life.

I once carried a name that wasn’t me.

I was successful beyond belief. I was one of the youngest (and first female!) Gas and Electric Engineers in the industry. Being responsible for 300 engineers  and earning the “Trailblazer” award for my work, I had it all, the house, the car, the corner office.

But everything sucked.

My health went down the drain.

My marriage almost failed.

Eventually, my course landed me in the hospital (from my Iditarod accident) with less than functional faculties. I mean, I couldn’t even do simple math anymore.

Months into my battle, I realized what had happened to me and all that I learned from the heavens during my death, came rushing back. That’s when I began doing the work I needed to do to heal, my entire Universe changed.

And I’m passing that work on to the world. Changing the course of lives, one soul at a cliched time.

Your suffering is in your hands. And so is your success.

Let go and learn what name will change it all for you.