It’s not really “just” a migraine.

Nor is it “hay fever”.

Your physical symptoms are trying to tell you more is at play here. But the only way your soul can get you to listen is by sending your body this pain. If only you knew that you should be listening for something more than that stabbing needle behind your left eye, it would be different. But if traditional relief methods aren’t working for it, you need to Clear the Funk. And by “funk” I mean the energies that are clouding your energetic field. It sounds out there. But if you’ve tried everything, this is your next step. (And honestly, I’d LOVE it if everyone would come to me before it gets to this point because Clear the Funk eradicates so much that we don’t realize and the pain disappears without meds.)

You want to get rid of:

Backaches Bodyaches Headaches Runny nose Cough Flu Hay fever Congestion Sore throat Autoimmune dis-eases like Fatigue Adrenal fatigue Chronic fatigue And the list goes on and on.

What is Free the Funk

When I Free the Funk, I’m going into your auric field and clearing out negative energies that are wreaking havoc on your physical body. I may possibly open your Third Eye and higher. I will enter into your Lightbody space and do housekeeping, multi-dimensionally, as well.

This is Divine Healing at its best.

However, there is a caveat: If you choose to Free the Funk, it also means that you need to rid yourself of the ROOT of the cause. I help clean up the symptoms, but until you get rid of the root afterward, you’ll have to continue to come back. And honestly, I’m only interested in working with those who want to clear those roots.

So only 3 Free the Funk sessions are available to one client at this price.

What happens when you Free the Funk

Pain alleviates
Balance is restored
Energy is returned
And life? Gets a whole lot better again

Let me do your Lightbody upkeep and you take care of the root causes and you will never see the world the same again.

Investment: $97 


This is an introductory price. If you’d like to purchase a package, please email me at

“I don’t normally get headaches, but when I got my last one, Barbera chimed in and said, ‘Let me handle it.’ I was SOOO skeptical at first. After I finally agreed, she came back a few minutes later and gave me the laundry list of stuff she did (I didn’t understand most of it LOL) and told me I may start to feel relief in about half an hour. I was like, “Um. Okay.” Well, half an hour later, my headache was gone…but so was numbness I was feeling in my right leg that I had NOT told her about. So. YEAH. She made a believer out of me. SO grateful!” ~ Tania Dakka

“I purchased my first Free the Funk session because I just couldn’t mentally or physically shake an illness/flare up I was having. Barbera chatted with me for a few minutes, and went to work. Her clearings bring me so much relief, and everything she does for me, puts me at ease. No longer do I have to just suffer through ailments and try to function. When nothing else works, Barbera does.” – Danielle Magestro