Get Restful Sleep

If only you could sleep at night. Night after night of disrupted sleep leaves you short tempered and makes it hard to stay awake during the day! And leaves you with no motivation or enthusiasm for life.

Extreme fatigue overcomes you. Sometimes it feels like you are sedated, barely able to keep your eyes open, which is super unusual since you normally have high energy.

It's a mix of so many draining emotions and symptoms. It just seems as if you are helplessly disintegrating with lots of inner and physical pain.

You know there’s a lot going on astrologically and with planetary energies but OMGOODNESS…THIS IS CRAZY!

Sleepless nights is only one of the many symptoms of the new energies surrounding you. As these new, high frequency, energies come forth self care becomes of the utmost importance. You try to sleep and nothing seems to work.

Often the troubles with sleeping are actually energetic challenges, feeling and processing the energies of the day in addition to your own. And if you are a high frequency soul, you are more sensitive to these energies. As we continue on our personal and spiritual growth journey we bring forth new energies and our bodies often need extra support with integration.

Here are some things that have helped me:

Wash ALL your bedding. Wash your bedding like normal with whatever laundry soap you use and add ½ – 1 cup of sea salt to the wash. Also wash your bedding more often, sometimes it needs to be done 2 times a week.

Epsom salt bath before bed. Epsom salt baths detoxify the Body, Mind, and Spirit. And, for the purposes of this post, it clears your energy fields. If you want to really clear yourself, make it up to 3 cups of epsom salt. Enjoy for 20 minutes. To get the most out of it, dim the lights, light a few candles, turn off your phone, and light some insence. No other people or animals while you enjoy your bath. If you do not have a bath tub, make a body scrub of epsom salts and your favorite oil and use it in the shower.

Grid Clearing for Yourself to clear the funk of the day. Click here for your copy of Lightbody Clearing Tools process Grid Clearing for Yourself

Melatonin. Sublingual to fall asleep or capsules/tablets to stay asleep.

Here’s to your good night’s sleep. Please leave a comment below to let me know how this helped you.


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