Gridding Forest Fires

A fire started off the bottom of our property, it raged 2304 acres. The fire crept up and down the ancient river bed, coming closer and closer to us. Days of watching the fire creep closer and closer while at night we could clearly see the flames bursting up over the tree tops.

The “T” in Bet of You Bet is the location of our home.

There were angels watching over us. We had planned a nice lunch together in town when a LOUD knock on the door and a man we didn’t know came bursting into our house. He was smartly dressed, in sort of 1970’s clothing. He didn’t say a word, only pointed out our sliding glass window and left as quickly as he came. We were certain he was an Angel of God.

We were calm, we had our to go bag and loaded up all the dogs in an instant. As we got to the top of our driveway we found out we had been evacuated, but we didn’t know it. If we left the area we would not be let back in. John chose to stay and got sprinklers up on our roof.

As soon as we had the worldly, 3D, matters taken care of I did a high frequency process of Grid Clearing for Your Space, using the boundaries of our land as the space. I then did the grid process for the neighboring properties bordering the fire. While 2304 acres were burned, only 2 structures were destroyed and they were sheds.

This fire was very emotional for my spouse, John. He’s always had an increased reaction to possible fires and this one really had him triggered. He didn’t have any particular memories in this life time around fires and it’s possible some past life or alternate reality energies were bleeding through. Once things calmed down I did a Shock and Trauma Release session with him. I’m happy to report that these past couple of years he’s calmly aware of fires and the anxiety and trauma of fire has been reabsorbed into the Light.

Here's the process for you to use the Grid Clearing for Your Space to help set protection and clearing for your spaces.


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