This Place Is Not For You


You’ve tried to fit in, within yourself.
Readings, healings, and even eating programs haven’t helped enough.

You feel there’s more out there…if only
you could figure out what that “MORE” is.

Discover WHY you feel out of sync,
WHY dis-ease won’t leave your body,
WHY your relationships aren’t working
and why the work you’re doing doesn’t
light you up.

If you:

  • Trying to live with chronic dis-eases like chronic fatigue, rheumatoid arthritis and cancer
  • Feel lost and confused about work you should be doing
  • Find yourself more at home alone, than with the people you’re with

Welcome Home.

You’re ready for your awakening. You’re ready to fulfill your soul’s contract, a contract that was formed before you were.

You’re ready to walk as only your LightBody will accept.

I’m Barbera Ammahlia Schaefer-Berdner, LightBody Healer and Name-ologist. And I’m here to show you what your unconscious has been trying to reveal to you.

I’m here to show you your true Home, a place where dis-ease isn’t, a place where the relationships you have are the ones your mind has been trying to cultivate, a place where your work is EXACTLY what you were meant to do – before you were even born.


This place? Is for you.


Light Body Integration Program