It's quite possible I will upset many of my astrologer colleagues and friends. Screw all this negative energy around Mercury in Retrograde and blaming it for your technology problems! Something is always in retrograde and an astrologer friend of mine recently calculated it accounts for 20% of our lives. IT'S PART OF LIFE! Learn to work WITH IT!

All this nonsense about my website might crash, I'm going to have problems with internet or my computer. Geez just stop! Is this really your truth or the truth you've been told? So many people have attached the belief that electronics go wonky during retrograde the collective belief is it's true.

How about a new reality? Retrogrades are new starts, or re-starts (and funny here as how many times do the computer issues seemingly fix themselves after a restart?). Retrogrades are when planets APPEAR to go backwards, it's an illusion. Create a new illusion! Connect with YOUR truth. Is it possible that electronics are dying because a duck is a duck – meaning it's 20 years old and 10 years past it's expected life anyway??? Or have you had the notice to have this checked out and you didn't pay attention? Take note of the notices, when things are out of alignment they usually help you get them into alignment.

Often when electronics are not working in my world, it's actually related to the 3D electronics having a challenge keeping up with my higher frequency energy fields. One time my computer crashed, the entire hard drive crashed, the local computer guy could not assist me. So I called in the Ze'Or Continuum (see below) for assistance and within 15 minutes the hard drive came back up enough to get all my data off and then it crashed for good.

The Ze'Or Continuum are a group of beings who originate from another universe. They are pure-energy beings, and they are the sentient embodiment of physical forces, such as gravity, electricity, magnetics, thermals, etc. They have come to assist Earth and her inhabitants through the electromagnetic shifts we are experiencing. They are always available to assist upon request.

For a quick EMF adjustment or electronic adjustment such as when you are working near computers and other electronic devices (including the chips in your vehicles, pagers, cellular phones, cordless phones, etc.):

“Ze'or Continuum, please assist: please harmonize the frequencies of all electronic devices in my space to my fields.”

I also invite you to use this time to reset and unify your energy fields to create from a place of unity. Here’s a copy of a short meditation to clear and unify your energy fields in preparation for the newer higher frequencies our bodies are being asked to hold.

Unified Chakra Meditation


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