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Name Alchemy

That thing you do? You know, trying to control more than you should. Or creating more art than you’ll ever be able to sell. Or even running more companies than you have time for? Or maybe even letting someone step on you when you know, with everything in you, that you’re SO much more than their doormat?

It’s all in your name.

It’s all in who you were born to be and that is precisely what your name indicates.

There’s a soul-deep and powerful energy connecting your name, who you are, and your Soul’s Contract with the world you live in.

And that energy? Effects everything: Your personal life, your business life, your relationships.

Find out what’s behind your name and what’s involved in your Soul Contract, so you can dig deep into who you were before you were even born, what’s intended to happen for and with you in this life, and what you can do to make this stay here the best one possible.

When you awaken your soul wisdom, you forever walk in the light of who you were actually intended to be, capitalizing on everything that is written to be yours

Name Alchemy® for Business:

When they read/say your name, you want them to FEEL it deep in them. Your name (be it your business or program name, etc) needs to move them in places they weren’t aware could be moved. And with the online space as saturated as it is, a name that resonates is your first opportunity to grab their attention.

Don’t risk losing them from the onset when you have a tool in your arsenal that gives you access to vibrational information that could help set your business or program up for an influx of clients and cash.

Naming session to bring in energies and focus on your needs, Business Naming, a Name Alignment Ceremony and Activation, including strategies for marketing.

This is business naming to easily attract clients. Period. And it’s an advantage you need to leverage in your industry.

If the energy in your business names are off (including URLs, taglines, offerings), you can update them with magnetic attraction energies. (Most entrepreneurs need only one session, but rebrands may need additional 2hr session at additional financial appreciation.)

Financial Appreciation: $310

Magnetic Attraction Reading:

There are secrets hidden in your name. Secrets you brought with you into this world that were written before you were ever an idea in the head of your parents. You have secrets they or you know nothing about. And those secrets inform who you are, who you were, and who you are meant to become. They are peek into what your soul has experienced and an overview of your soul’s mission statement.

Use this mini-reading to read the energy of your current relationships, your ideal clients, or even your business. Your name is not some letters strung in a random order. There’s purpose, meaning, and answers in it. Grab this mini-review and get a solid handle on what your name whispers into the stars. 

Financial Appreciation: $193 and includes one 1 hour session and all pre and offline work


Change Your Name, Change Your Life:

Much in the way Law of Attraction works with the vibration of your spirit, so does your name.

You now have control over how people feel when they hear it.

Step into a name that vibrates with the energy of who you’re meant to be. And abundance washes over you.

Click here to learn more about optimizing your name for the life you want.

Contact Barbera today to find out if Name Alchemy® is what your soul is asking for.


 About Barbera

What’s in your name are not meaningless sounds and letters. Your name is a literal vibration of sound that is carried out to the Universe when spoken.

I’m Barbera and I had to die to find out the most of the secrets of the Universe that I now live and help my clients live.


A Californian dog sledder running my first race in preparation for the Iditarod Sled Dog Race (only months into my racing life) knows secrets most of humanity will never experience. I can’t tell you why I was chosen to live with (or die for) this gift, but I can tell you that there isn’t a client that crosses my “desk” that isn’t changed forever, for the better, by the work I do for and with them.

And I am a name expert. In every sense of the word. Entrepreneurs come to me to get feedback on the names they have in mind for new products and services, for new business ideas, and for their new life choices. Likewise, professionals come to me for LightBody Integration to help them connect with the essence of who they are meant to be.

Not one of them has ever experienced anything less than success from working with me.

Once upon a time, I was successful beyond my own belief. I was one of the youngest (and first female!) Gas and Electric Engineers in the industry. Being responsible for 300 engineers  and earning the “Trailblazer” award for my work, I had it all, the house, the car, the corner office.

But everything sucked.

My health went down the drain.

My marriage almost failed.

Eventually, my course landed me in the hospital (from my sled dog race accident) with less than functional faculties. I mean, I couldn’t even do simple math anymore.

Months into my battle, I realized what had happened to me and all that I learned from the heavens during my death, came rushing back. That’s when I began doing the work I needed to do to heal, my entire Universe changed.

And I’m passing that work on to the world.

Experience the power of your name and learn what you can do to live a life in alignment with who you were literally born to be. Because when your story, your name, and your Soul Contract align, you create your own heaven here on Earth.