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Barbera Ammahlia Lightbody SessionsThe rut seems to just get deeper and deeper every day.

         And you’re stuck in it.

There’s so much more to what you’re living…

         if only you could tap in and find out what that is.

I’m Barbera Ammahlia-Schaefer Berdner and I was where you are


At one point, when sledding the Iditarod, I hit my head and died. 

After 7 minutes of being out there in the Universe, I came back. 

But when I did, everything was different, nothing felt like it was mine anymore. 


Now, you may not have died and experienced the wonders of the universe, but you may, in fact, be experiencing your own kind of awakening.

And I am here to help you uncover what that means for you and your life. 

If you resonate with my story, feel free to reach out for a free Coffee Chat


There’s no pressure and a Coffee Chat is not a sales call. 

This is a gift of service. 


Part of my mission is to help people like you gain the clarity they need with these complementary Coffee Chats. 

When we jump on a call, you will gain a shift, a new perspective, a clarity, and an activation to help you kickstart you out of your stuckness.

If we are not or if you are in place to attune your lightbody to the life that you are being called to live, that’s totally fine. 

I really do love connecting with those who are experiencing the things you’re tapping into because we are all on the same journey. It just so happens that you are starting to FEEL it. 


Book your free Coffee Chat and let’s tap into your truth about where your stuck begins so you can begin to finally create the shift your soul needs!


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