The new Beamer and the house on the lake aren’t cutting it.

The career isn’t filling the void you wake up with every morning.


Yet, you KNOW home is out there, somewhere.

Discover where you long to be, how to get there, and how to make the pain of living a life that feels too much like a dress three sizes too small, feed into the life that feels more like a dress that hugs you in all the right places and makes you the star of a life you were meant to live.

This life is full, chock full, of things and events that make us feelgood or bad. Whether or not they feel ill-fitting, is really a matter of what’s been laid out before we were ever born.

And they are also the things that make us feel as though we’re living a life that feels like us…like we’re supposed to feel.

If you:

  • Feel as though you’re wandering aimlessly through a life that feels like a two-size-too-small shoe
  • Are always looking for a better way than what you’ve found
  • Struggle with dis-ease that you just know isn’t your last stop on this earth
  • Always find yourself feeling like there’s something else, something that is far beyond you that you don’t understand yet
  • Are ready to look DEEP into who you are, at a spiritual, otherworldly aspect

The Shining Your Lightbody Radiance program is for you.


Crash the train you’re on. Let the light of your own soul shine through every pore of your physical being.

Let the light that you were born with permeate everything you have become, to let what you’re supposed to be forever, shine.

What the Shining Your Lightbody Radiance program does:

  • Opens the heart and mind to what you’ve been feeling pull at you since forever
  • Lets the you you’ve suppressed become who you are
  • Releases the dis-ease, fatigue, and blurry vision you’ve been suffering so your soul can finally nestle into the home it was given…before judgment and ill-at-ease living has caused
  • Allows you accept who you you’ve always been, but allowed others to dictate who you’re not
  • Live the moments that were written in your stars and deep on your soul

What happens when you allow your true self to integrate into the life that was written into your stars lives before you:

  • Opening of the heart to who you are
  • Releasing fears and letting go of what you THINK everything is supposed to be to live a relaxed life you KNOW is meant for you
  • Less stress because there’s no more “I need to do this” pulling at you

The life you were literally born to live is hidden in your name.

If you’re willing to accept it and walk into it.

When I met Barbera I felt like I couldn’t get anything right, everything was falling apart, and I didn’t feel like I fit in. Now I have feelings of optimism and hope, I feel like I belong here.

Since we last saw each other my life has been Truth Manifested. I no longer feel like I am walking on eggshells, I feel a sense of relief.


Nice to meet you

I’m Barbera, guide for souls that no longer fit their flesh and seer of things that you are ready to experience.

I wasn’t always, though.

I used to be an Engineer. One of the youngest and most powerful Engineers in the industry. But instead of being energized by my work, it wore me out. My health suffered. My marriage suffered. Nothing FELT GOOD.

So, I took up dog sledding. Because when I was on the back of that sled (even though I was from California), I knew that’s where I belonged. But during my first race, I died. Yes…died. For seven minutes.

And the story that has ensued since? Is a direct result of that experience.

I now know what it is that we are here to do, how we are to do it, how to help people to discover their true paths, how to make this world’s evolution complete.

And that’s why I’m here today.

I’m here to teach YOU those things. I’m here to open up what has been written for you, so that the dis-ease you suffer, the hurt feelings you endure, the ill-fitting job and relationships that you meander hopelessly through all dissipate right out of existence.

Our bodies are vehicles and if there’s chronic illness, it’s because your spirit is out of sync with your purpose. If your relationships give you anything but happiness, it’s because the dynamics of the relationship are not quite in sync with the needs of your path, as written before you. If your job or business is a prison and not a paradise, it’s because your soul knows there’s something else you’re supposed to be doing.

But you have to be able to tap into everything that has been written on your stars since before you were born, until now, to know why nothing FEELS like it’s supposed to.

The gift of Lightbody Integration does that.

This program reads your name and your history, allows me to peek into your soul and your soul’s longings so I can help you understand the writings that were set in motion ages ago…so I can help you step confidently into the you you literally were put in this world to be.

How does the Lightbody Integration Program work:

There are three stages to the Lightbody Integration Program. And each one can be undertaken individually or as a whole. All stages are 5 2-hour video sessions with me so we can dig deep into your healing, alignment, and the integration of who you truly are, creating a life, in-sync and accomplished.

Each session is rooted in discovery and actionable information, so you walk away with  a deep-seeded knowledge of your past self, your present self, and the self you will grow into.

Walk as the divinity you were created to be a part of.

The Lightbody Integration Program dissipates the illusion that you are separate from the Divine and allows you to realize that human souls are literally sparks of the Divine who just forgot who they truly are.

The purpose of incarnating here on Earth and experiencing this reality is to expand God Consciousness through the experience of our lives.

And if you’ve been suffering a series of life changes, uncomfortable symptoms, or experiencing intense healing and transformation, you’ve been experiencing how the low frequency beliefs and energies of human consciousness are gradually being shaken out so we can embody more Higher Light and live in alignment with our Divinity.

The Lightbody Integration Program transforms you so:

  1. Higher Light activates dormant parts of your DNA and rebuilds your Lightbody to eventually turn you into a being of light, allowing you to begin to live your own divinity
  2. New pathways are cut through your brain creating new ways of thinking and psychic openings creating that sense of purpose and fulfillment you’ve been longing for
  3. Your heart chakra opens, multidimensionally, to merge with all the other chakras to create your Merkabah (vehicle for Ascension), so you can complete your transformation easily and effortlessly

The Lightbody Integration Program allows the embodiment, integration and expression of your Higher Consciousness through your physical and energetic bodies and allows you to fully deliver your gifts of service to humanity.

Wake up to your past, present and future to live your highest and most consummate life.

The prerequisite Name Alchemy Reading will be used for one of these sessions, if you haven’t had one, so we can work from a solid foundation of where you’ve been to where you want to go.

Why Is Name Alchemy® Necessary?

Look back into the alchemy of your name and decode the map of your life, so you can align and manifest your life’s purpose. This is an accurate, in depth, channeled, ancient system of spiritual interpretation that unlocks the secrets of the blueprint of your life hidden within your birth name using the sound vibrations of the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

It illuminates your physical and spiritual:

  1. Karmic patterns so you understand why what’s been happening is happening
  2. Talents to overcome them so you can master your highest self
  3. Life goals, allowing you to walk the path that feels best for you and your deepest soul
  4. Soul destiny/life purpose, creating a sense of fulfillment that allows you to grow and excel at life here on this earth
  5. Provides specific recommendations on how to manifest your life purpose, so that doubt and uncertainty are banished as you watch yourself co-create your universe, as it was written for you

The power of Name Alchemy runs deep and wide into the channels of time to help you understand your core patterns, so you can begin to break them with the Lightbody Integration Program.

The Three Phases of the Lightbody Integration Program

Align with Wholeness (Lightbody Integration Program phase 1 of  3)

Prepare to express your true divinity and the wisdom of your soul. Get back into attunement with your body's consciousness towards ascension, spiritual growth, and ease and grace. Let go of the negative experiences and your core sabotage programs from your past, current life, and past life.

Clear emotional and mental programs (current, past, past life, etc) preventing your reconnection to the wholeness of your being. Includes Body Consciousness ReAlignment and releasing Your Sabotage Dragontm via Inner Dragon Birthingtm.

Express Your Divinity and Soul Wisdom (Lightbody Integration Program phase 2 of 3)

The second stage of the LightBody Integration Program works with the higher self to enable the quick and effective identification of, bringing feeling consciousness to, “for what you feel you can heal”, and clearing of core patterns, revealed in your Soul Contract.

This frees your life force for greater health, connection and well-being because just understanding the patterns is not sufficient to clear them.

Remove etheric structures, devices, and programming to connect Higher Consciousness into your physical and energy bodies, similar to disconnecting from the Borg in Seven of Nine in Star Trek or taking the Red Pill in the Matrix to unplug from the matrix.

This is the shift from a cocooned and programmed world, to participating in and creating the meaning of life as it is true for you. Clear emotional and mental programs (current, past, past life, etc) that prevent the reconnection to wholeness of your being, and clearing programs preventing you from expressing your divinity and Soul Wisdom. Includes Etheric Crystal Removal, Divinity Threshold ReAlignment, and Astral Device Removal.

ReConnect with Your Oversoul (Lightbody Integration Program phase 3 of 3)

Higher Light Integration, Activations, and ReCalibrations so you can, more easily, integrate all parts of you into this reality. Clear emotional and mental programs (current, past, past life, etc) preventing the reconnection to wholeness of your being, clearing programs preventing you from expressing your divinity and Soul Wisdom, and to allowing you to connect with who you truly are. Includes Higher Light Integration and Activation and ReCalibration.

What we do in each of these live these sessions is customized to you, but typically it is:

  • Divine Healing sessions for healing and clearing the many layers of disconnection and limiting programming (clear emotional, past life, and soul-level blocks).
  • Or Lightbody sessions to clear the energetic blocks to spirit becoming more embodied (it helps with removing sabotage programs) and aligns your physical body to health and healing.

Lightbody Integration

Walk as the divinity you were created to be a part of.

Investment in a life that matters to you most:
Lightbody Integration Program includes 15 live video sessions, remote healing and clearing sessions, email, and text support. The financial appreciation is 5555USD and can be made into an installment plan with a processing fee.

Or if you prefer to do each of the three parts of ReAlign with Wholeness, Express Your Divinity and Soul Wisdom, ReConnect with Your Oversoul separately, they each include 5 live video sessions, remote healing and clearing sessions, email and text support. The financial appreciation is 1900USD and can be made into an installment plan with a processing fee.

You are Light. You are Divine. Awaken.

And be born of the light that, until now, has been too dim to recognize.

During the diagnosis of breast cancer, you were one of my most important “primary care” people! How wonderful you have been to me and how grateful I am for your help, wisdom and guidance. Your help was invaluable. I cannot tell you how much I depended on your wisdom and guidance during my most critical times. Actually I still feel you with me as I navigate through any emotional tangles that arise. I will always remember how you were there for me. Truly a gift from Goddess.

Sister in total health. Thank you again for all you did to help me before my surgery and after. You made a HUGE difference in my healing time.

Love you. Bless your good heart.

Kathee Pfalmer

Contact me today to find out if LightBody Integration is what your soul is asking for.

LightBody Integration Program allows your highest self to come into consciousness by releasing low frequency separation programs that have been blocking us since our birth. It is also the secret to stepping off our paths of suffering and onto our written paths of bliss.

When you take on LightBody Integration, you:

  • Master hearing what’s going on inside your body so you can start to heal it
  • Learn how to clear the karmic patterns that your Name Alchemy sessions revealed so you can let go of the cycles that have kept you where you are
  • Step into the higher frequencies of your highest self, allowing you to connect with the you you were literally born to be, walking your path of success in life and spirituality

LightBody Integration opens the door to incorporating your highest self, embodying your true self into the life you came here to live.

Forget the Beamer if it doesn’t light you up. Your soul is calling for you to take life to the next level of consciousness. Fitting in within yourself is literally in your hand (and your name).

LightBody Integration is calling you.

Welcome Home.

“I am thrilled by the clarity and precision of Barbera’s work. It has given me a deeper understanding of the gifts that I bring and the work I am here to do in the world.

As a recovering mulit-tasker to the nth degree, the elegance and simplicity of the Soul Contract system has helped me focus on what really matters, and articulate my own message in a more powerful and compelling way.

Barbara is a consummate way-shower. Her presence, her intuitive brilliance, and her deep spirit make her a powerhouse for transformation. If you’re wanting to catalyze a powerful shift in your life, she’s the one to go to!”

Rachel Jannallen Flower

Embody Lightbody Integration