Lightbody Clearing Tools



Clear that funky energy that leaves you feeling like you've had the life sucked out of you.

Whether you're working with clients or being in the world, the sticky energy fallout lasts longer than it should, making brain fog and grumpy pants your go-to states.

Ditch the agitation and connect to that bright, shiny self with ease – no matter what state the energy in the world leaves your body and mind in.


Congratulations on requesting Lightbody Clearing Tools so you
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“A big Thank YOU to you Barbera! I enjoyed the ‘straight to the point, no nonsense approach', but mostly I appreciate the fact that I slept quite well last night! Thank you again for the lightbody balancing!”

“I did the clearing and balancing last night! Went to bed on time and got up on time! Thank you! I needed that!”