That’s all there is to describe the results people get. But that’s not my concern. My concern is that you are living and working from a mental, physical, and emotional space that satisfies the longing in your soul. And it’s such a trite way to say it, that I hate to put it that way.

But just imagine that you step into a calling and a being that was written for you before you were even put into existence on this planet.

Pain and dis-ease become things of the past. Literally. Confusion and chaos no longer haunt you. And life as you know it? Becomes something you never knew could exist.

Shining Your Lightbody Radiance

Your soul feels way too big for your space on this Earth. There’s so much you’re called to do, but putting your finger on it feels overwhelming. Living your heaven on earth is possible. You know it. You feel it pulling at you every single day.

But making it happen feels impossible because you are somewhere you aren’t sure you want to be anymore, yet your obligations to self, family, career call you to stay who you are, where you are.

Fear and dis-ease have become your bedfellows, but you’re tired, so, so tired, of them. You’re ready, mostly, to step into the being you were put here to become. You just need a helping, knowing hand to guide you to that space.

This is the package that my clients take on to live the one life it was written they live.

What happens when clients integrate with their Lightbody is everything they’ve been searching for.

I want to Shine

Name Alchemy®

Names are not simple monikers. They are energetic magnets meant to shift what they have into what they want.

Think about your own attraction to people, brands, businesses. When you read their names for the first time, you felt an otherworldly attraction (or repulsion) to them. That’s because the energy their names held pushed you away or brought you into them. It’s the reason I carry ALL of my names, not just the one my parents called me when I was born.

It’s the reason some brands blow up and others fizzle out.

Want to attract the souls that were meant to work with you? Then let’s talk about the names you’ve chosen for yourself, your business, and your products/services.

Energetically attune your names to yourself, your goals, and your business and watch as people begin to flock to you, but not just ANY people, the people you want to work most with. Those that come to you, ready to get the results only you can get for them.

(All naming services: Awakening Your Soul Wisdom; 5D Business Accelerator; Change Your Name Change Your Life – Name Alchemy®)

Read my name

Lightbody Tuneups

Live one-off sessions via video conferencing, like a chiropractic tuneup yet for your LightBody. Recommended 2-4 times a year. Typically a Higher Light Integration session or a ReAlign with Wholeness session, or Activate Your Divine Purpose, or Accelerate Karmic Release, MS and Lupus Clearings, Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia Clearings.

Through our time together, I read your energies, and we discuss your misalignments and begin the LightBody Tuneups your soul needs to right itself again.

Investment: $333 (Previous LightBody Integration Required**, except for chakra alignment and clearings, DNA Activations, and FB bullying clearing, which can all be done as one-off sessions)

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Name Alchemy Reading

Secrets you brought with you into this world that were written before you were ever an idea in the head of your parents. You have secrets they or you know nothing about. And those secrets inform who you are, who you were, and who you are meant to become. They are peek into what your soul has experienced and an overview of your soul’s mission statement.

Use this reading to read the energy of your current relationships, your ideal clients, or even your business. Your life has purpose, meaning, and answers in it. Grab this mini-review and get a solid handle on what your soul whispers into the stars.

Investment: $222

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